Professional Longarm Quilting Services

Quilting Services & Pricing:

Services for quilting are priced by the square inch. They are calculated by the length and width of the quilt top to determine the total square inches of the quilt. To determine the cost to quilt times the square inches by .02 for Edge-to-edge with medium density of stitches. There is a minimum $50.00 charge for any quilt and the maximum quilts width is 135 inches.


In order to have the required top, bottom and side batting it must be a minimum of 4 inches larger than the quilt top. We carry some batting for purchase. Fiber contents available are 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, cotton, Polyester, Bamboo and Washable Wool. If you have a batting preference other than these, you may also supply it yourself making sure that the batting is designed for use for longarm machine quilting and is of good quality. Movability on a quilting frame and ability to maintain without tearing are very important.

Backing Fabric:

Clamps are used on the sides of the quilt top to secure the backing and are not to be attached to the quilt top. Therefore backing fabric must be a minimum of 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides. The backing fabric should be pressed, squared-up and not include any pleats. It may be a backing fabric (typically 108 inches wide) or it may be a pieced backing. Horizontal or diagonal piecing is preferable to vertical piecing. Vertical piecing does not allow the quilt to lie flat on the frame therefore increasing the chance of puckers and creases in the finished quilt. A worksheet to calculate diagonal piecing is available upon request. Trim all selvedges from the seams of the pieced backing. Press the seams open or in one direction to reduce the risk of puckers on the back of the quilt. If the backing has multiple seams or is seamed in both directions I will do my best to avoid any puckers. We do offer seaming services for the backing fabric and that is available at the cost of $10.00 per seam.

If you do not have access to a local shop to secure wide back fabrics we do carry a basic selection. Prices vary and range from $15.00 to $25.00 a yard.

Preparing Your Quilt:

Inspect your quilt thoroughly and make sure that there are no loose threads on your quilt top or backing. This will help prevent our machine foot from catching and ripping the quilt. The quilt top needs to be free from any embellishments. If you used applique on your quilt please make sure that it is properly secured, without puckers and attached on all outside edges.

Please specify which side of your quilt is the top if applicable and whether your quilt top and backing are directional.

If the outer edges of your quilt are fabrics cut on the bias or cross grain of the fabric please include a border or do stay stitching with a small stitch length 1/8 of an inch from the edge. If no border is included, or stay stitching has not securely been done, we will try our best to make sure there are no puckers in the quilting but can not guarantee it.


$10.00 thread charge per quilt.
We use primarily threads manufactured by Superior Threads. They are top quality and provide beautiful colors to complete the quilting process. We use the Superior So Fine #50 (solid colors), Magnifico (solid threads with a sheen) and Fantastico (variegated color blend) or Omni. For your quilt top you may select a thread and color or specify the type of thread and we can choose for you. The color is up to you.

Other Services:

  • Binding (straight of grain) cut & pieced, attached and finished by machine .15 per inch. It is machine stitched to the back of the quilt, wrapped to the front for finishing.
  • Binding (bias) cut & pieced, attached and finished by machine .30 per inch.
  • Binding cut, pieced, attached by machine and hand finished .30 per inch.
  • Pressing quilt top or backing or repairing of the seams $20.00 per hour.
  • Custom made quilts include the cost of fabric, patterns and other materials necessary to complete the quilt top, labor at $25.00 per hour to complete the quilt top, the batting, backing fabric, thread, quilting & binding.


For quilts that are locally picked up or delivered we accept cash, check and credit cards.
For quilts that are shipped, we will email an invoice upon completion. Please call the shop with your credit card information or pay through PayPal. Following receipt of payment, we will ship the quilt.

We photograph all completed quilts and reserve the right to post the photos and use them in our advertising. If you disagree with us using your photo in our advertising and on social media please let us know.